How to add Twitter Timeline to WordPress site

How to add Twitter Timeline to WordPress site WordPress

Twitter offers timeline widget that can embed Tweets on your website. Display the latest tweets from your Twitter account. The embedded timelines are interactive, and is a great engagement tool with your site visitors.

This article is to show you how to embed Twitter timeline on WordPress site.

Create Twitter Timeline Widget

1. Log in your Twitter account

2. Click profile icon on top right, next to Tweet button (①)

3. Select [Settings and privacy] from dropdown item list(②)


Go to Twitter settings and privacy

From Account setting menu, click [Widgets]

Select [Widgets] from Account setting menu items

Press [Create new] button.

Press [Create New] button

There are 5 types of Widgets available, Profile, Likes, List, Collection, and Search. Choose [Profile] for Twitter timelines.

Choose type of Widget to embed

On the next screen, you will be asked to enter URL. If you would like to embed your account Timelines, enter your Twitter account URL. (e.g. )

Enter your Twitter timeline URL

You will be asked to choose display options. One is Embedded Timelines, and the other is Twitter Buttons. In this example, we will choose Embedded Timelines.

Choose Embedded Timelines

Now, the timeline widget is created! If you would like to customize widget, click the link. Otherwise, press [Copy Code] button.

Twitter Timeline widget is created

If you click “set customization options”, the following options will be displayed. You can set Height, Width, Tone, Link color, and Language.

Twitter widget customization options

Press [update] button, you will be back to the previous page. Press [Copy Code]

Widget code is copied

Embed Twitter widget on WordPress site


Go to WordPress admin page to paste the Twitter widget code into WordPress widget.

1. Click [Widgets] from Appearance in WordPress Dashboard menu

2. Press [Custom HTML]

Choose Custom HTML widget

3. Choose “Sidebar”, and then press [Add Widget] button.

Select widget location to sidebar

4. Past Twitter Timeline widget code into Custom HTML widget. Press [Save] button.

Paste Twitter Timeline widget code into Custom HTML widget

5. Visit your site to check the Twitter Timeline is showing on the sidebar

Embedded Twitter Timeline on WP site sidebar

That’s it.

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